Beerkary BIG (mini) Golf Day – 20 March


As part of the annual Brewsvegas festival, Beerkary is creating our Happy Gilmore “happy place” filled with local beers, beer-matched food, and a mini golf course.

Beerkary is a pop-up bakery, which combines our two favourite things – craft beer and baked goods.  Each of our menus are inspired by the specific flavours profiles of matching beers and often use the same hops and malts.

There will be a special beer showcase by Croft Brewing Company, Beerkary beer-matched treats as selected golf holes, as well as an endless cash bar and all inclusive Beerkary brunch.

The menu includes:
Matching to the Red Rye Ale

  1. Pork mortadella on sprouted rye sourdough sandwich
  2. “Dirty golf ball” Potato Bun (Choux bun, potato custard, citrus, crystal malt, marzipan)

Matching to Finger Lime IPA

  1. Cured fish on milk bun roll
  2. Finger Lime Pie (Lemon myrtle curd, jelly, IPA meringue, finger lime, sorrel)

Matching to Crofter Wheat Ale

  1. Meatball sub sandwich on wheat beer sourdough
  2. Citrus Finger Buns (Finger buns with malt buttercream, sprouted grains and citrus jam)

On the course:

Brewsvegas beercarons (beer-based macaron)




Beerkary: Weekend of Darkness 25 + 26 July


Weekend of Darkness at Scratch Bar

Returning to The Scratch on 25th and 26th July, the “Weekend of Darkness” celebrates a huge range of all dark beers for two days.   Along side other great local food vendors, Beerkary Bakery will be matching to the rich, roasty and malty full flavors of dark beers with a “Layers of Darkness” Cake.  It combines similar notes of caramel, biscuit, barley and lots of chocolate!

Beerkary is a pop-up bakery, which comes from a simple desire to combine our two favourite things – beer and baked goods.  Each of our menus are inspired by the specific flavours profiles of matching beers and often use the same hops and malts.

This event is a collaboration with Beerkary and guest chef, Tim West (from Esquire and Lolapop Patisserie)

The Scratch
8/1 Park Road Milton, Qld 4064
25th and 26th July

Cakes available at the bar from
12am start (until sold out)


RECAP: Delicious Magazine “Next Gen Chef” Lunch – 3 May 2015

instagram delciousmag

When you forget your camera, luckily there is other people and Instagram to capture events!  (thanks via @deliciousmagazine and #makeitdelicious since I definitely forgot the camera)

The Delicious Magazine Next Gen Chef lunch event was a full house, and sold out remarkably fast in about 3 days.  It was great to reach new audiences.   After recent months of market-stall type events, this sit-down lunch felt like a nice and different change in formality, style, guest experience, and a bigger fun team behind the scenes on the day.

Menu (updated)

As usual, Ben always likes to add things to the menu…so 4 courses became more like 10 things –

  1. Garden snacks with mutton heart & pistachio
    (w/ Stone & Wood Garden Ale)
  2. Trio of Snacks:  Prawn toast, chickory & speck and lotus root & cured tuna
  3. Native grain bread & almond butter
  4. Native crayfish with macadamia, finger lime & mustard leaf
    (w/ La Petit Mort Marsanne 2013)
  5. Red cabbage heart, wild boar & beetroot
    (w/ 2BC Tempranilo 2012) 
  6. Autumn honey served in bee’s wax (milk & honey, lemon myrtle & ginger)
    (w/ Bent Road Botryis Savignon Blanc 2013) 
  7. Tea infusion (Hops, lemon grass, verbena, thyme and mint)
  8. Petit four:  Wattle seed cone, sherbet and lemon curd

We couldn’t have done it without the work of great teams, supporters, suppliers and sponsors.

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Delicious Magazine “Next Gen Chef” Series (QLD event)


In 2015, Delicious Magazine will be running a series of national dining events featuring “Next Generation” Australian chefs in each state. The events aim to celebrate local industry and promote new talent. 

Ben Devlin has been picked as the Queensland chef and will be hosting a special lunch on Sunday, May 3rd, at Wandering Cooks in Brisbane.

Ben spent 2 years in Copenhagen at the world’s No.1 restaurant Noma, before becoming head chef at Brisbane’s award winning restaurant Esquire for over 3 years. In 2014, he won the QLD Good Food Guide’s “Young Chef of the Year”.  He currently collaborates on projects such as Friday Nite Snackdown and founded Beerkary Bakery, a pop-up combining craft beer and beer-matched baked goods. 

Ben is working towards opening his own restaurant, and this event is a great opportunity to demonstrate part of that future vision for great food, friendly service, unique experiences and community collaborations.


Delicious Magazine “Next Gen Chef” Series (QLD event)

Sunday Lunch with Ben Devlin
3 May 2015
$100 (4 courses with matching wine) + $2 booking fee

@ Wandering Cooks, 1 Fish Lane (cnr Cordelia St), West End



Garden snacks with mutton

Native grain bread & nut butter

Native crayfish with macadamia & wasabi leaf

Red cabbage heart, wild boar and cheese

Autumn honey served in bee’s wax and honeycomb

Tea infusion and sweet treats

With special thanks to-

Produce Sponsors

Event Supporters + Suppliers

Beerkary #11: Small Batch (29 March)



Beerkary Bakery at Small Batch (29 March 2015)

Beerkary is a pop-up bakery, which comes from a simple desire to combine our two favourite things – beer and baked goods.   Each of our menus are inspired by the specific flavours profiles of matching beers and often use the same hops and malts.

On March 29, Beerkary Bakery will be part of Wandering Cook’s  “Small Batch Autumn”.  This event celebrates small and local food enterprises in Brisbane though a trade show and pop-up market stalls.

Beerkary will be matching to beers on tap from Beard and Brau Brewing, Green Beacon and Batlow ciders.  A special feature is “Tambo on Rye” (German bread lager) by Beard and Brau which used Beerkary’s 100% rye bread in the brewing process.   The residual yeast has also be used in Beerkary breads, to celebrate the similar craft, science and ingredients in both beer and bread.

The sweet and savouries menu includes –

Matching to “Red’s Dead” by Green Beacon

  1. Hot smoked beef, ketchup, onion & cheese on sourdough
  2. Coffee, caramel and red fruit beerclair

Matching to “Tambo on Rye” by Beard & Brau and Beerkary

  1. Pork frikadellen, sauerkraut & pickles on sprouted rye bun
  2. Tamborine Black Forest Nitro ice cream sandwich  (Chocolate cookie, Davidson plum, beer ice cream + ‘rye-lo’ roasted rye)

Matching to Apple Cider by Batlow

  1. Moreton bay shrimp, finger lime & avocado on seeded bagel
  2. Apple meringue pie

We hope to see you there!

Small Batch
Wandering Cooks, 1 Fish Lane, West End
6pm- 10pm
Pastries and sandwiches range from  $5– $11


Beerkary #10: Brewsvegas at Hoo Ha Bar (22 March)


–Media Release–
Beerkary #10 – 
“Flavours of the Mountain” at Hoo Ha Bar for Brewsvegas

Beerkary is a pop-up bakery, which comes from a simple desire to combine our two favourite things – beer and baked goods.  Each of our menus are inspired by the specific flavours profiles of matching beers and often use the same hops and malts.

As part of the annual Brewsvegas Festival, Beerkary Bakery will be celebrating “Flavours of the Mountain” at Hoo Ha Bar on Sunday 22 March.   The menu for this event matches to local beers which are all brewed and inspired by the local flavours of Mt Tamborine.    This includes locally farmed finger limes in a beer by Croft Brewing and quandong liqueur from Mt Tamborine Distillery in a Black Hops’ brew.   Beerkary’s own rye bread was also used in the brewing of Beard & Brau’s lager. 

The Beerkary menu of matching savoury and sweets includes –

BEER: Beacon St Red  (Farmhouse Red infused with quandong liquer) by Black Hops Brewing

  • Quandong & bitters jam with misty mountain blue cheese  on Caramunich malt & quandong sourdough
  • Chocolate, quandong & bitters mille-feuille

BEER: Tambo on Rye (Rye bread German lager) by Beard & Brau

  • Black forest ham, sauerkraut & pickles on sprouted 100% Rye
  • Bavarian Rye Bee Sting

BEER: Finger Lime IPA by Croft Brewing

  • Australian Native Crayfish, Finger lime & Avocado on Croissant
  • Finger lime and wild herb layer cake

BEER: Admiral Ackbar Imperial IPA by Fortitude Brewing

  • Smoked Ackbar Bratwurst, Ketchup, Mustard & Onion on Grain Roll
  • Rhubarb, Malt & Custard Scroll

Beerkary will also be supporting the Brewsvegas Launch Party on 21 March at Wandering Cooks, which features over 12 local brewers and food trucks.   Beerkary’s stall will be focusing on beer- matched sweets including ice cream sandwiches, malt cookies and beercarons (beer-based macarons). 

We hope to see you there!

Hoo Ha Bar
41 Tribune Street, South Brisbane
Sunday, 22 March
10am- 3pm (or until sold out)
Pastries and sandwiches range from  $6– $12


Friday Nite Snackdown: Opening Week (March 6th)


Friday Nite Snackdown is a new weekly collaboration between Wandering Cooks and chef Ben Devlin, starting March 6th.

As a place for afterwork drinks and bar snacks, each Friday will be a “battle” of menus with the winner playing on to the next week.

The first Snackdown is  “Samurai vs Viking” with menus of Japanese street food and Danish street food.   This week reflects the chef’s key inspirations, but the weekly format is an exciting opportunity to explore all sorts of fun themes, cultural events, and guest chefs in the future.

The opening menu includes –

Japanese street food:

  • Yaki o-nigiri, shiitake & nori
  • Takoyaki with squid & katsobushi
  • Kakiage, shrimp, sesame & mayonnaise
  • Yakitori skewers
  • Nikuman, pork belly & cucumber
  • Grilled oysters & ponzu
  • Plum mocha

Danish street food:

  • Ristet hotdog, pickles, onion & remoulade
  • Cured fish smorrebrød, rye bread, sour cream & radish
  • Frikadeller, pickles, mustard & cabbage
  • Pickled vegetable smorrebrød, smoked cheese & egg yolk
  • Pork skin crackling, sour cream & watercress
  • Strawberry æbleskiver, cardamom & cream

The Snackdown works by buying tokens and is exchanged for snacks at the grill or in yum-cha style table service.  Guests vote for a favourite menu to play on the following week. 

Keep updated on the weekly menus on the Snackdown facebook page. 

Friday Nite Snackdown
Wandering Cooks, 1 Fish Lane, West End
Fridays starting March 6th
4pm- 10pm (or until sold out)
Tokens $4 each.  Snacks and food ranges from $4-$12

Follow –
Facebook – /Friday-Nite-Snackdown
Instagram – @snacksensei

For more info-