Beerkary BIG (mini) Golf Day – 20 March


As part of the annual Brewsvegas festival, Beerkary is creating our Happy Gilmore “happy place” filled with local beers, beer-matched food, and a mini golf course.

Beerkary is a pop-up bakery, which combines our two favourite things – craft beer and baked goods.  Each of our menus are inspired by the specific flavours profiles of matching beers and often use the same hops and malts.

There will be a special beer showcase by Croft Brewing Company, Beerkary beer-matched treats as selected golf holes, as well as an endless cash bar and all inclusive Beerkary brunch.

The menu includes:
Matching to the Red Rye Ale

  1. Pork mortadella on sprouted rye sourdough sandwich
  2. “Dirty golf ball” Potato Bun (Choux bun, potato custard, citrus, crystal malt, marzipan)

Matching to Finger Lime IPA

  1. Cured fish on milk bun roll
  2. Finger Lime Pie (Lemon myrtle curd, jelly, IPA meringue, finger lime, sorrel)

Matching to Crofter Wheat Ale

  1. Meatball sub sandwich on wheat beer sourdough
  2. Citrus Finger Buns (Finger buns with malt buttercream, sprouted grains and citrus jam)

On the course:

Brewsvegas beercarons (beer-based macaron)




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