RECAP: Delicious Magazine “Next Gen Chef” Lunch – 3 May 2015

instagram delciousmag

When you forget your camera, luckily there is other people and Instagram to capture events!  (thanks via @deliciousmagazine and #makeitdelicious since I definitely forgot the camera)

The Delicious Magazine Next Gen Chef lunch event was a full house, and sold out remarkably fast in about 3 days.  It was great to reach new audiences.   After recent months of market-stall type events, this sit-down lunch felt like a nice and different change in formality, style, guest experience, and a bigger fun team behind the scenes on the day.

Menu (updated)

As usual, Ben always likes to add things to the menu…so 4 courses became more like 10 things –

  1. Garden snacks with mutton heart & pistachio
    (w/ Stone & Wood Garden Ale)
  2. Trio of Snacks:  Prawn toast, chickory & speck and lotus root & cured tuna
  3. Native grain bread & almond butter
  4. Native crayfish with macadamia, finger lime & mustard leaf
    (w/ La Petit Mort Marsanne 2013)
  5. Red cabbage heart, wild boar & beetroot
    (w/ 2BC Tempranilo 2012) 
  6. Autumn honey served in bee’s wax (milk & honey, lemon myrtle & ginger)
    (w/ Bent Road Botryis Savignon Blanc 2013) 
  7. Tea infusion (Hops, lemon grass, verbena, thyme and mint)
  8. Petit four:  Wattle seed cone, sherbet and lemon curd

We couldn’t have done it without the work of great teams, supporters, suppliers and sponsors.

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