Friday Nite Snackdown: Opening Week (March 6th)


Friday Nite Snackdown is a new weekly collaboration between Wandering Cooks and chef Ben Devlin, starting March 6th.

As a place for afterwork drinks and bar snacks, each Friday will be a “battle” of menus with the winner playing on to the next week.

The first Snackdown is  “Samurai vs Viking” with menus of Japanese street food and Danish street food.   This week reflects the chef’s key inspirations, but the weekly format is an exciting opportunity to explore all sorts of fun themes, cultural events, and guest chefs in the future.

The opening menu includes –

Japanese street food:

  • Yaki o-nigiri, shiitake & nori
  • Takoyaki with squid & katsobushi
  • Kakiage, shrimp, sesame & mayonnaise
  • Yakitori skewers
  • Nikuman, pork belly & cucumber
  • Grilled oysters & ponzu
  • Plum mocha

Danish street food:

  • Ristet hotdog, pickles, onion & remoulade
  • Cured fish smorrebrød, rye bread, sour cream & radish
  • Frikadeller, pickles, mustard & cabbage
  • Pickled vegetable smorrebrød, smoked cheese & egg yolk
  • Pork skin crackling, sour cream & watercress
  • Strawberry æbleskiver, cardamom & cream

The Snackdown works by buying tokens and is exchanged for snacks at the grill or in yum-cha style table service.  Guests vote for a favourite menu to play on the following week. 

Keep updated on the weekly menus on the Snackdown facebook page. 

Friday Nite Snackdown
Wandering Cooks, 1 Fish Lane, West End
Fridays starting March 6th
4pm- 10pm (or until sold out)
Tokens $4 each.  Snacks and food ranges from $4-$12

Follow –
Facebook – /Friday-Nite-Snackdown
Instagram – @snacksensei

For more info-


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