Beerkary #8: Weekend of Tartness (7th Dec)


Beerkary #8 – Weekend of Tartness

The inaugural Scratch Bar “Weekend of Tartness” is happening from 6-7 December. The sister festival to Scratch’s massively popular winter Weekend of Darkness festival cartwheels to the opposite end of the extreme spectra of beer styles, with 2 days of nothing but the funkiest, sourest, most refreshing and fun beers being produced in Australia and around the world.

On Sunday 7th December, Beerkary Bakery will be there to support the sour beers with a menu of beer-matched baked goods.     Beerkary is a pop-up bakery, which comes from a simple desire to combine our two favourite things – beer and baked goods.  Each of our menus are inspired by the specific flavours profiles of matching beers and often use the same hops and malts.

Sour beers like other acidic foods, can be used in different ways such as to play up other sour flavours, used to contrast and balance with sweet and used to palate cleanse with rich flavours. The Beerkary menu for “Weekend of Tartness” uses those considered principles to include –

Baked Sweets 

  • Randy cherry tart. Sour cherries, malt crust, chocolate & Lambic marshmallow.
  • Beerclair. Lemon+Hop curd, buttermilk & honeycomb eclair.

Open sandwiches with Beerkary breads

  • Pork. Smoked grain & honey sourdough, honey glazed pork jowl, apple salad
  • Cheese.  Walnut, malt & rye bread, blue cheese, grilled apricot & walnut.
  • Fish.  Belgian bagel, gravadlax (cured fish), fresh cheese, pickles & herbs

We hope to see you there!

Weekend of Tartness
The Scratch,  8/1 Park Road Milton, Qld 4064
Sunday, 7th December
12noon- 3pm (or until sold out)
Pastries and sandwiches range from  $5– $7

Ben Devlin – 0422 615 403


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