Beerkary # 6 (1st Birthday) Recap


Our 1st Beerkary Birthday Party at Scratch on October 26th, was a chance to celebrate and say thanks to many friends, supporters and collaborators.

The birthday party theme was really fun to play up, with games, decorations and menu, and as our first pre-ticketed event, it was also felt like a change of pace and vibe.

See full photo set on the Beerkary Facebook page 

My only real request was fairy bread… but as usual Ben always has different plans for new things.

The final menu included  –


  • Brioche bun, IPA pork bratwurst with sour-slaw & pickles.
  • Smorrebrod sandwich.   Sprouted rye and seed bread, ale cured rainbow trout, pickled onion & sour cream
  • Sesame wheat bread, grilled portobello mushrooms with sour-slaw & pickles. (vegan option)


  • Sourdough croissant fairy bread, with hopped custard & jam.
  • Chocolate and crystal malt cookie, caramelised white chocolate and Amarillo hops
  • Smoked wagyu fat caramels (pinata)

Birthday Cake (Beerkary logo):

  • Croissant shaped cake.   Light malt sponge, lemon curd, white chocolate ganache, light malt butercream.
  • Beer shaped cake.  Rye chocolate cake, stout marshmallow, caramelised milk, milk chocolate & crystal malt butter cream, Goulding hop frosting (top)

What’s a birthday party without some games!

We had –

  1. Pass- the-parcel
    A super fun one to make and to play!  With 50 layers to unwrap, each table/most people got a go, and prizes included Beerkary fortunes, stickers, pipe cleaner creations, and vouchers.
    Big thanks to Fortitude Brewing for the $100 gift voucher (Congrats to Tom), and Beerkary vouchers for a future events went to Jen, Gabi and Elly
  2. Pin the tail/ balloon game
    We had surprisingly more kids at this event and so this ended up being a kids-only battle.  Thanks to Kimmy for helping, with the winner being Henry with the prize of a kite.
  3. Pinata.
    The keg shaped piñata was definitely harder to make than we first thought (*a bit of the late-night & last –minute drying with a hair-dryer!).   After 3 shots with a golf club, it broke opened with smoked fat caramels for all.
  4. Face painting
    Thanks to Kimmy and Chi for this fun freebie.  It was great to see both kids and adults getting into the spirit too with painted flowers, rainbows, batman, pirate patches, and arm “tattoos” spotted around the bar.

At the end of Year 1, it sure feels like Beerkary has grown more than we probably first thought.    Big thanks to all supporters, those behind-the-scenes and all the customers who have come along to events.

The rumour is true that we are chasing the dream of making Beerkary a permanent bakery + bar venue, and I don’t think that we would be positioned to do so without the past year.   As a big-believer in design prototyping, I think all pop-ups have been a learning curve and as a way to test, fail and refine ideas, systems and process.

We are still in the early stages of looking for locations, and in the meantime, the quarterly Beerkary pop-ups and working with collaborative venues and brewers will still remain as is.

Smorrebrod and more are coming back for Small Batch Brisbane – Nov 9th at Wandering Cooks, West End.


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