Beerkary recap: Weekend of Darkness

Two events in one month isn’t our usual pattern, but it was pleasure to return to The Scratch to support “The Weekend of Darkness” that celebrated dark beers.

The limited Beerkary menu explored dark bread, dark sweets and dark meats.

The full photo set are on the Beerkary facebook



At the bar on Saturday, 19th July from 12noon
1) Stout Monster Cookie
Dark malt, chocolate cookie, topped with smoked beef fat caramel, chocolate and another cookie

Out the front on Sunday 20th July from 1pm-3pm
2) Layers of Darkness Cake
Dark malt cake, caramelised milk, stout butter cream + “Rye-lo” (roasted rye)

3) Stout Bread + Hot Smoked Beef sandwich
Stout and sprouted rye bread, hot smoked beef, pickles and kraut-slaw


  • First time with table numbers.  Thanks to Kieran and The Scratch, who suggested and helped run the system
  • First Beerkary cookie, that was a super chocolate-y hit
  • First limited grill menu, taught us new lessons for production
  • My fave last customers who took some left-over bread loaf ends for their soup dinner party…who just might have inspired a new product!

Big thanks to friends, family and supporters.  It’s always great seeing familiar faces.

Special thanks to Tom and Kieran for the service support.

Media thanks to all those who  spreading the word on the Weekend of Darkness including BMag,  250 Beers , The Crafty Pint Australian Brews News,The Weekend EditionFourThousand + The Urban List | Brisbane.

Stay tuned for events in September



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