Beerkary #4 recap

Thanks to everyone who supported Beerkary #4 on the 6th July.
The full official photo set is on the Beerkary facebook

We started at 10am and had sold out just after noon, which is our fastest to date.   Some of the early sellers were the layer cake, spiced custard croissant and smoked beef on stout bread sandwich.

Each Beerkary is a a bit different and some of the new things in #4 included –

  • New collaborative beers with Brewtal was super fun to help explore flavours
  • New menu items – first cheese, first beef
  • New bigger plain loaves on sale
  • New kitchen space with an expansion to Wandering Cooks in West End
  • New tasting card menus to better explain matches (“Beerkary Bingo”)
  • New folding table (…I think I was the only one excited for that one!)

Special thanks to the kitchen team Ben, Tom, Cameron, and Chris who truly make it happen by baking from 1am and serving on the day.

Thanks to the media mentions, tweets and sharing by folks such as –  Yelp Brisbane250 BeersThe Crafty PintAustralian Brews NewsVisit Brisbane,The Gourmand & Gourmet, Beer Infinity, Brewers ChoiceWeekend Edition, Four Thousands, and BMag

Big thank you for the patience in the line on the day.  It was a bigger than we’ve ever had and I had sensed the pattern of ordering was different to past events (usually it had been more leisurely beers and people coming back in and out for food, but this time was bigger ordering upfront).  We’ll be actively looking at our systems to avoid lines delays in future events.

Special thanks to Tim at Brewtal Brewers and the crew at The Scratch, whom are always great to collaborate with.


July 19-20 – The Weekend of Darkness, The Scratch, Park Rd Milton  
September 21 – Beer Incider Experience (Albion) as a special collaboration with Killer Sprocket

Our next bigger quarterly event will likely be Oct/Nov to celebrate Beerkary’s 1st Birthday!  


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