Winter Dinner: Recap

Thanks to all those who attended and supported the Winter Dinner on 29th June.

The dinner sold out much faster than first expected and we are excited about this as an ongoing dining concept about seasonal explorations.  Each quarter we want to shape a menu and dining experience to showcase the memories, stories and feelings of each season.  I’m already looking forward to a green flowery Spring and a bright fun-filled Summer edition.

The full Winter menu zine is viewable here and it helps explains the story connections.

Picture 1

Some event photos


We really could not have done it without the amazing support from  friends, family, suppliers and work colleagues.

Special thanks to Orange Plates Co, Sourced Grocer and Euro for serviceware assistance.
Media thanks to Brisbane News, U on Sunday, BMag, Weekend Edition/ Daily Brief, Urban List, Gourmet & Gourmand, Eatscout, Yelp and others who helped spread the word.
Thanks of course to Flugente and Wandering Cooks



As our first collaboration of this type, it was lots of fun and also a learning curve.   We are already looking at refining the format and greatly welcome any feedback from guests to help us shape it.

Specifically, to help us build the next menu, feel free to send us your thoughts and favourite Spring memories via

*Some of the common responses already received at the dinner were things like Jacarandas and magpies defining a Brisbane Spring.  Add your own!.


 NEXT SEASON:  Design Collaborations 

Anyone interested to collaborate on Spring, please let us know and here is a link some of the existing opportunities.



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