Winter Dinner – Design Prototypes

Design thinking and journey mapping are tools I try to advocate in my day job and I have been exploring how I use it elsewhere in life.   dschool defines design thinking in 5 steps (EMPATHY, DEFINE,  IDEATE, PROTOTYPE, TEST.)

For the Winter Dinner, prototyping is the key one for me – .

Prototyping, the practice of building low-fidelity representations of products, services, or experiences in order to learn and test before proceeding, is at the heart of the human-centered design process. Prototyping involves thinking and planning by doing, and is iterative, fast, and low-fidelity.”



Designing a dining experience feels quite complex and there’s many level of testing that help refine concepts and details.  This has included formats, menu, graphic design, plates, and parts of service experiences.

Here is a peek at some of this week’s “R&D”

  • Hand building plates
  • Bread bags
  • Bees wax bowls for a honey dish
  • Print and graphic design
  • Firepits
  • Table settings

No matter how any prototype goes it is all powerful learnings.  I think it is the experimental, “give-it-a-go” ethos of prototyping I most enjoy.

Tickets to the Winter Dinner are available via Flugente –


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