Beerkary #3 Recap (Brewsvegas edition)


Brewsvegas, Bosc, Beercarons, Bacchus beers, Baked goods, Backyard, Bunting,  Beerkary…..sure was a bbbbBrightly Brilliant Befitting Bonanza.

Beerkary # 3 took place on March 23, at Bosc in West End.  This was our first time at a different venue, and trying a different format (10am shopfront and 12noon grill).  It also had the very fun added festival-buzz around Brewsvegas.

See the full photo set on the Beerkary facebook

The flow of sweet and savoury feels different with every event, and some of the best and fastest sellers this day were:

  • Beercarons
  • Maple pork jowl sandwich on stout sourdough
  • Maple coffee croissant
  • Kangaroo sausage on steamed wattle seed bread
  • Cheese and ham puffs
  • Apple and wood pie

DSCF1413Some of my own personal favorite moments of Beerkary #3, included:

  • Seeing familiar faces from our past Scratch bar events come along
  • The creative problem solving of rigging of a beach umbrella to beer kegs for shade
  • Having people ask where our permanent bakery shop was (…ah, one day, folks…)
  • Meeting brewers direct and being able to share with them the concepts behind the matching menu
  • Activating the street front and backyard had a nice “neighbourhood feel” with some passers-by stopping along their walks.   This was more of practical reasons but I also enjoy that it aligned with my urban place-making interests.



Thanks to Beard and Brau Brewery who first came to us with the idea of beer based macarons.  It was a great new collaboration and our first foray into expanding Beerkary production, packaging, and supplying to bars outside of pop-up events.   The name “Beercaron” was Ben’s almost half joking idea, but it stuck and people seemed to love it.  The traction and interest in them in the lead up media exceeded our expectations.

image @nickkara

image @nickkara


Thanks to everyone who assisted behind the scenes, especially the guys involved in the prep, baking and service.  We couldn’t run it as smoothly with these helpful extra hands.

Thanks for tweets, shares, mentions of Beerkary and Beercarons, including –

Special kudos to the Brewsvegas guys for a great framework model and sheer amount of events in an inaugural year.  It is an amazing sign of community building and a reflection of Brisbane’s creative energy.


Look out for updates on the next Beerkary.   The next event will likely be around June 2014.


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