PROJECT: Beerkary – 23rd March

logosIMAG1095Beerkary Bakery at BOSC

As part of the inaugural beer festival, Brewsvegas, Beerkary will be celebrating “locally made” by bringing together pastries by chef, Ben Devlin, and all locally made beers selected by Bosc.

Beerkary is a pop-up bakery, which comes from a simple desire to combine our two favourite things – beer and baked goods.

On 23rd March, we will be matching to beers from Bacchus Brewing and two special house brews which gave homebrewers the opportunity to make their brews on a large scale for friends.

Starting from 10am there will be a shopfront pastry bar and a backyard grill from 12noon.

The sweet and savoury baked goods will be matching to 6 beers, as follows –

Matching with Bacchus American Pie Apple Ale

  • Apple and Wood Pie 
  • Ale and grain bread, chicken and spiced apple 

Matching with Bacchus Kakadu Wit

  • Davidson plum, macadamia scrolls
  • Steamed Wit bun, kangaroo sausage and rosella

Matching with Bacchus Maple Coffee Stout

  • Maple coffee croissant
  • Stout sourdough, maple smoked and glazed pork jowl

Matching with Bacchus Red Belly Black

  • Red bellied gingerbearded man

Matching with Turbot Pale Ale 

  • Cheese puffs with American cheddar and Australian ham
  • Sour milk+malt donuts with bush lemon and galaxy hops curd

Matching with Little Hop of Horrors IPA 

  • Centennial hop marshmallow and white chocolate canoli
  • Centennial hop croissant and native mud crab sandwich

Additionally,  special 4 packs of our “Beercarons” (beer based macarons) will also be on sale.  In collaboration with Beard and Brau Brewery, these are limited edition flavours are based on 4 different beers.

69 Vulture St, West End
10:00am start at shopfront pastry bar
12:ooam start for backyard grill
Until 3pm (or until sold out)
Pastries range from  $5 – $9



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