What is a “Beercaron”?  They are beer-based macarons!

Special 4 packs beercarons will be available at selected Brewsvegas locations throughout the festival week (March 23-29).

In collaboration with Beerkary Bakery, each limited edition flavour is based on a different Beard and Brau beer.  Beard and Brau Farmhouse Brewery are located in Tamborine, produces fine quality beers and are passionate about making eco friendly sustainable beer.

The 4 packs include:

#1 – Golden Paw (Common Ale)

Malt and Hop Biscuit with a Lemon, Malt Cream and Lychee Jelly

# 2 – Red Tail Ale (Amber Ale)

Hops Biscuit with a Bitter Caramel filling and a Chocolate and Passionfruit core)

#3 – Bon Chiens (Farmhouse Ale)

Honey, Beer biscuit with Honey, Hops, Orange cream, Crystal malt and Champagne Jelly

#4 – Black Snout (Milk Stout)

Stout and Dark Malt biscuit with Milk Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee Cream and Caramelised milk core.

Participating venues include

  1. Scratch Bar, Milton
  2. Newstead Brewing Co, Newstead
  3. BOSC, West End (on 23 March 2014 as part of Beerkary event)
  4. Kerbside, Valley
  5. …and more to come

From $15 for a 4 pack



Ben – 0422 615 403


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