Beerkary #2: Recap


Beerkary #2 was another fun one.

The all-nighter baking, delicately balanced trays in the car ride, and busy intensity of the 10-11am morning rush were still the same, but compared to #1 we generally went –

  • Bigger (more choices with 10 menu options and 4 matching beers)
  • Longer (more quantity to stay until 4pm)
  • Smarter (more organised and refined on lessons learnt)
  • Colder (first time with icecream and chocolate options on dry ice)
  • Festively-er!!! (The Christmas theme was really fun to conceptually play with)

**Full photo set can be found on the Beerkary Bakery facebook page 

NEXT BEEKARY?  We’ve had early discussions about a March 2014 edition as part of “Brewvegas”, so stay tuned into 2014.


Thanks again to The Scratch for the collaboration and supplying great Xmas beers.

Thanks for the help in baking and serving  by Tom, Cameron and Georgia.

Thanks for those who helped spread the word in shares, likes, mentions and invites, including –

Thanks to family and friends for the ongoing support.


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