PROJECT: Beerkary – 15th December


Happy Holidays with Beerkary Bakery

BEERKARY BAKERY is celebrating Christmas with craft beers and beer matched pastries at Scratch Bar on the 15th December.

Beerkary is a pop-up concept bakery, which comes from a simple desire to combine our two favourite things – beer and baked goods.  It also recognises that brewing and baking share a similar craft and science, as well as some base ingredients.

After a sold-out debut in October, this Christmas edition is getting extra festive and brings together pastries by chef, Ben Devlin, and special beers selected by Scratch Bar.

The Christmas Beerkary menu includes –

Matching with Bo Jingles.   (A chocolate cherry stout, aged in shiraz barrels)

  • Stout bread sandwich with confit turkey and cherry.
  • Chocolate, cherry and stout croissant

Matching with Nogne Ø underlig jul “Peculiar Christmas” (A Norwegian spiced Christmas ale)

  • “Fattigmann Bakker”. Norwegian poorman’s cookie with pine sugar
  • Malt bread sandwich with spiced pork jowl and red cabbage

Matching with Deschutes Jubeale (A strong ale that is spiced and malty)

  • Fruit mince icecream sandwich
  • Uncle Charlie’s Sri Lankan Christmas cake

Our other Christmas and beer-inspired pastries also include –

  • “Ralph the Gingernosed Reindeer” gingerbread
  • Marshmallow snowmen
  • Gluhwein snail
  • Brioche with smoked trout and stonefruit

Hope to see you there!


Scratch Bar,  8/1 Park Road Milton, Qld 4064
Sunday, 15th December
10:00am start (until sold out)
Pastries range from  $5 – $8

Past Event –
Facebook Page –
Email –
Twitter – @Boy_And_Bird


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