Beerkary #1 recap

Thanks to family, friends, colleagues, The Scratch Bar, Brewtal Brewers and awesome strangers who all supported our first Beerkary Bakery.

After Ben’s all-night baking, a rather precarious car ride balancing a cake, and some improvised fire-starting for the charcoal grill, we set up for a 10am start and a had a big rush to about 11:30am when things started to sell out.

Lots of highlights, and lessons to learnt.  My favourite customers were the dedicated ones matching with all the beers and also the ginger bearded guy, buying a ginger bearded gingerbread man ( wish I had a photo of that guy!)

Here’s the more detailed recipes notes:

Matching with GINGER NUT ALE

Ginger bearded man with ginger icing and chocolate buttons

Ginger curd, hazelnut praline and chocolate tart (*beer in the chocolate)

Matching with CITRUS SESH

Verbena snail with lemon verbena curd

Brioche with cured trout, hollandaise, pickles, salad mix  (*beer cured trout)

Matching with APPLEWOOD AMBER 

Sourdough bread with grilled pork jowl, apple relish, mayonnaise, salad mix (*beer in the bread)

Apple cake with pound cake base, apple compote, applewoord cream, malt cookie, applewood ash dusting

The next Beerkary Bakery? 

We’ve been asked when the next Beerkary will be, and always keen to keep collaborating with bars and brewers.

Keep an eye out in 2014 via@Boy_And_Bird on twitter

We’re interested to keep the beer matching theme, as well as building and expanding more beer-based puns …. Beer-B-Q, anyone??

Thanks to those who helped spread the word with facebook, tweets and mentions, including on:

The Scratch (Events)

Weekend Edition 

The Thousands

Yelp Brisbane 

Eat, Drink & Be Kerry 

Urban List

Pop Up Shop

Street Editors

The Scratch (Blog)

Brisbane Devoured 

Fiona Donnelly


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