PROJECT: Beerkary – 20th October

BEERKARY BAKERY is a concept bakery serving custom made craft beers and beer matched pastries.

Beerkary comes from a simple desire to combine our two favourite things – beer and baked goods.  It also recognises that brewing and baking share a similar craft and science, as well as some base ingredients.

Debuting at Scratch Bar in Milton, on Sunday 20th October, this event will bring together pastries by chef, Ben Devlin, and beers by Brewtal Brewers (Jon Burnett and Tim Goulding). 


Beer # 1.  Ginger Nut
–  Gingerbearded man
–  Ginger curd and hazelnut tart

Beer #2.  Applewood Amber
– Æblekage
– Grilled pork and applewood beer bread

Beer #3. Citrus Ale (with lemon verbena)
– Verbena snail
– Brioche with cured salmon

Scratch Bar,  8/1 Park Road Milton, Qld 4064
Sunday,  20th October
10:00am start (until sold out)
Pastries range from  $4 – $6




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