PROJECT: Block Party #1

What is a better use of empty urban spaces, abandoned lots, car parks and streets? A Block Party

B’day Block Party was a pop-up dinner that took place on 7th October 2012, in an empty lot at Ella and Chester Streets in Newstead. Across the city, sites like these which are flagged for development can often sit empty for months (or years).  How might these spaces be used in the interim to contribute to our neighbourhoods?

The Menu

Goats cheese and leek ash
DIY sushi bar with grilled chicken and salmon

Suckling pig with apple and ginger
Charcoal hussar
Roasted potato and artichokes
Salt baked celeriac and sweet potato
Raddichio tomato and red onion
Couscous cucumber and smoked almond
Chargilled eggplant, shiitake and leek with candied spiced cashews

Brown butter ice cream sandwiches
Redskin macaron
Bubblegum macaron


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