PROJECT: Place Dinner

“Place Dinner ” is a pop-up restaurant defining and rethinking urban places in fun and different ways.

It offers a custom-designed menu that is inspired by researching local edible plants, and urban place qualities and experiences.

The meal is a unique experience and acts an innovative engagement process to invite the public and stakeholders (eg Advisory Committee) to start community conversations.

Place Dinner proposes that the factors of culinary success and successful urban places is similar  – the scale is different but both are mixing and balancing complexity, texture, smell, presentation, and richness

City precincts are known for food culture and restaurants but this can be largely imposed by clever urban design thinking.  Mixed use developments, restaurants and street vendors are often strategically used to catalyse public space activation or economic development.

Food has strong ties to defining culture and identity of places, but going beyond just thinking of restaurants and local ingredients, how can food truly reflect an urban place? What are the authentic sensory and visual experiences that define a place? What inspirations (such as edible plants) help show us hidden urban places?

Place Dinner menus are never the same and are unique to a location.

  1. Researching a menu, becomes an exercise to research a place (new methods of urban design site analysis)
  2. Serving the meal is a way to present this research and inspire stakeholders
  3. Sharing the menus and online material is a way to publish the ideas and research  (place research includes site visits, mapping, photographs)

CONCEPT MENU> Draft only
(download full menu – A2 foldable map)

Submit your ideas:  Take a Grey St walking tour to explore our menu and/or create your own version of Place Dinner.  What food and place thoughts are you inspired by in Southbank?



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